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Monday, August 17, 2009

Unsung Heroes

Many of us Truebies were super excited to see Eric andSookie FINALLY in the sack (even if it was a dream) but, there are some unsung heroes of Sunday's episodes.

Godric meeting the sun was an emotional scene, not only for Sookie but, for us as well. Godric's leaving his immortality behind willingly may seem as suicide but upon further examination, I feel that he was simply ready for the end to come. Humans grow old and are able to prepare for death, as a vampire death only comes by the hand of another or by your own. Never naturally. Godric had seen many more injustices and was even part of them as many may say. Yet he remained. Never aging or changing physically. The only real change that Godric was able to make was that of going from vengefulness to peacefulness. WhileGodric has been viewed a criminal, Sunday he meted out justice in the form of vampiricide or meeting the sun.

Lafayette and Tara, these two have seen the best and worst of life. Even when Tara is "possessed" He and Lettie Mae are there to fight for her. Every person wants a Lafayette to stick up for them and fight for them when they can not!

Hoyt and Maxine Fortenberry are a whole different bottle of blood. It takes a special person to stand up to your momma. After years of mompression Hoyt finally grew a set and stood up to the old woman. While Maxine grew up in the old school ways of viewing the world (pre-coming out of the coffin) there is no excuse for the way she treated her son. I see her as a pathetic uneducated neanderthal that sets humanity back hundreds of years. Let your son be a man and cut the umbilical cord already!

Lafayette and Hoyt are this weeks unsung heroes!

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