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Monday, August 10, 2009

Being an Eternal Virgin.

So last night we found out that poor Jessica will be an eternal virgin. If this were your fate, how would you use this to your advantage? Or would you never have sex again? Better yet, what advice would you give to Jessica?


lucette said...

I would definately follow Hoyt's advice and see every time having sex as a first time. At the same time being a "Sexy Baby Vampire" as Jessica is ' definately use it to my adavantage for "Vampire"benefits and purposes.Thats what I would tell her.However I believe that in all the powes of the vampire world I'm sure theres a good fix for her little issue. She just doesnt know it yet.

Aaliyah said...

I also believe that there is a fix for this predicament. Anyway Hoyt will be an amazing lover, so thats great too.

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