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Monday, January 25, 2010

More Nekkidness

( -- "True Blood" fans with a taste for male eye-candy can breathe easy: stars Ryan Kwanten and Sam Trammell promise they'll spend very little time in wardrobe for the show's upcoming third season.

"We joke about it -- and who has the record for the most disrobes," says Trammell, who plays the shape-shifting Sam Merlot. "I think Ryan does. But I'm close behind him at this point because I've already disrobed like four or five times this year and I don't think he has at all. I've got to fight that out with him. Ryan is definitely ready to show up and flaunt it, because he's got the bod to back it up. He's probably the least bashful."

"I tend to think that I live my life relatively fearlessly," admits Kwanten, who plays the heroic if not always clear-headed Jason Stackhouse. "If HBO knew half the things that I do in my personal life they probably wouldn't be too happy about it ... I have no fear. I sort of hide behind the guise that I am playing a character ... Personally, I'm quite restrained and almost introverted. But as Mr. Stackhouse, I can't afford to have any of those sensitivities."

Trammell says the show's producers don't exactly help the cast stay in top shape for their frequent nude scenes. There is no exercise equipment on set, but plenty of tempting food on the craft services table.

"[Working out is] up to us," he says. "They've got the cookies out."

He said the cast has gradually gotten used to performing in the buff. "Some of the ladies are kind of shy sometimes ... Pretty much the process is: You're shy, you take off your clothes once and then it's done."

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