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Monday, September 14, 2009

What a Let Down.

Ok, I know many of you watched and loved the season finale! While it was entertaining, I found it lacking in the the last half hour. I enjoyed seeing Maryann meet her final death but we were left hanging in regard to Eric and Queen Sophie-Ann. Yeah, she's the one having Eric push her blood, but couldn't they give us a bit of a teaser or throw us a bone as to motive? I really love True Blood and will be a loyal fan, yet for those who have not followed, there is nothing to bring them back. No real cliffhanger, yes Bill is kidnapped and I think it's Sophie-Ann. Why? She could be brought down by Bill for forcing Lafayette to sell her blood. There is the motive. While True Blood is not following the books, I feel a sense of disappointment with this finale. I hope they do better next year...June 2010

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